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Daily OTC regional sugar indices

Daily OTC regional sugar indices are basing on OTC sugar contracts data received via the NAMEX personal account service pursuant to the Russian Governmental Decree No. 623 of 23 July 2013 "About approval of the Regulation on providing information on OTC contracts concluded by the parties which involve the transfer of ownership of commodities admitted to organised trading, and on keeping a register of such contracts and providing information from the said register".

OTC contracts information is delivered pursuant to the rules of delivery of information on OTC contracts involving the transfer of ownership of commodities admitted to organised trading, and the rules of keeping a register of such contracts and making information from such a register available as approved by NAMEX.

Index name (in Russian) Index name in English Region
Ежедневный внебиржевой индекс сахара в ЦФО Dailly OTC sugar index Southern Federal District Central Federal District
Ежедневный внебиржевой индекс сахара в ЮФО Sugar OTC Index Central Federal District Southern Federal District, North Caucasian Federal District

Historical values for the Central Federal DistrictSouthern Federal District.

The Index is calculated once a day every business day.

Index values are calculated as volume-weighted average price of index constituents.

OTC contracts are eligible as Index constituents if the following conditions are met:

  • The contract is not terminated
  • The contract is delivered on EXW or FCA terms
  • The contract is delivered at the territory of the respective federal district
  • Delivery is prepaid or payment terms are not determined
  • Contract volume is less than 10,000 ton
  • Currency of a contract is RUB
  • Delivery is to a factory or warehouse at the factory
  • Contract price includes VAT

The Index is not calculated if less than two contracts constitute the index.

OTC contracts with the prices more than 15% deviating from the median price of OTC contracts used as constituents for the Index are removed from the Index calculation.

Only OTC contracts with no information on the affiliation between the producer and sugar consumer are eligible as Index constituents.

If the Index value cannot be determined in the manner prescribed by the Methodology, the Index value shall be deemed to be not determined.

NAMEX discloses index values, also for the entire calculation period, on its website on the Internet and otherwise in addition.

Index Calculation Methodology for Central Federal District, Southern Federal District.

For questions regarding indices, please contact us at namex@namex.org.